Mario Scavello dodging debate and public forums with Probst

Press Release – Scavello dodging debate and public forums with Probst

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For Immediate Release
September 27, 2018


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Press Release
Scavello dodging debate and public forums with Probst

Stroudsburg, PA (September 27, 2018) – Despite his staff confirming to Blue Ridge Cable TV 13 September 6th that Mario Scavello would debate State Senate Candidate Tarah Probst on October 3rd, Scavello dodged that debate yesterday by backing out at the last minute. This is not the first time Scavello has dodged a public appearance to discuss the issues facing the voters of the 40th Senatorial District. Scavello refused to attend a public forum with Probst that was held by the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, NAACP and NCNW on September 13th. Again, on September 22nd, Scavello refused to appear at a candidate forum with Probst held by the League of Women Voters. Instead of attending these public forums, Scavello chose to answer written questions from the Pocono Record, where there could be no follow-up or direct questioning by the citizens or Probst.

Ms. Probst said that “with Mario Scavello’s record, it is no wonder he does not want to be in the position of having to answer for his positions publicly, but the people have the right to hear both candidates, side-by-side so they can make an informed choice.” Probst called on Scavello to “do the right thing and have a public face-to-face debate on the issues.” “This is really about accountability, transparency and informing the public” Probst said. Scavello, who has been in the legislature for sixteen years and the senate for one term, has plenty to worry about. Most recently, Scavello has steadfastly refused to advocate for the rights of the victims of sexual abuse of children by demanding that a vote be taken on pending victim’s rights legislation. It has also come to light that he has apparently been accepting radio air time paid for by a healthcare provider without reporting that benefit as either a campaign contribution or gift.

Tarah Probst is an East Stroudsburg native and has lived in Northeast Pennsylvania her entire life. She was recently re-elected Stroudsburg Mayor in 2017 (the first woman to hold the position in its 200-year history) and is the Democratic nominee for the Pennsylvania’s 40th senatorial district. More information on candidate Tarah Probst and her background, accomplishments and positions are available at